Fun facts about the Simmental Breed
Simmentals originated in Switzerland in the middle ages. At that time, the breed was used both for meat and milk. However, the primary purpose for the breed now is for beef. Simmentals have heavily muscled frames combined with a length and weight that yields a high percentage of prime cuts without an excess of fat. Generally bulls weigh 2200 to 2800 lbs, while cows weigh 1400 to 1650 lbs. Their appearance in colour can range from a light tan to black or red with white markings.

At Sunset Ridge, approximately 1/3 of our herd is purebred Simmental with emphasis on polled red factor genetics. The foundation of the purebreds have been purchased from Otter Creek Farm, owned by Jack Hansen, of Thunder Bay, Ontario. In the fall of 2009, nine cows and four open heifers were purchased from Nor-West Farms in Austin Manitoba at David Buhler's herd dispersal sale. They consist of red genetics from his herd bull TH Red Omen 40 P and a few traditional Simmental cows from various sires. Our plan is to continue with red genetics and introduce black genetics in the next few years. We appreciate the type of brood cows that solid red and black Simmentals will make. They cross well with Angus cattle to produce carcass traits that fit our retail beef demands. In the future, we may consider marketing purebred genetics if there are demands such cattle. This year's breeding season is just about complete and we bred the majority of the purebreds to AI sires. The AI sires used include TNT Top Gun, Remington Red Label HR, and STR King Arthur. Angus AI sires include Dateline and Redwood. The herd bulls Otter Creek Walter 13W and Otter Creek Uhro are used for clean up while on pasture.

"Nor-West Tammy 6U" - Sire: TH Red Omen 40P - Dam: Nor-West Red Lacy

"Otter Creek Pansy"- Sire: LRS Red Reality 33J - Dam: Mountain Rd MSGoldenBlaze

"Otter Creek Pippin"- Sire: LRS Red Reality 33J - Dam: Otter Creek Melody

"WILC Cherry Red 9R"- Sire: Kjli The Rock 1L- Dam: DVA MS Kodiak 374B

"Otter Creek Kiwi"- Sire: FHRS MF's Gennie's - Dam: BAR 5 Best Lady 613X

"Nor-West Red Rose 18 M"- Sire: LCHMN Redeyed Jack 7006D - Dam: Nor-West Karina

"Nor-West Lynn 57P"- Sire: Nor-West Buccaneer 71L - Dam: Nor-West Linnett 31J

"Nor-West Tulip 55T"- Sire: TH Red Omen 40P - Dam: Nor-West Jasmine 43L

One of this year's heifer calves. She is sired by TNT Top Gun out of "Nor-West Red Rose 18M". She is solid brown with great muscle expression and a compact frame. Future brood cow.

Another heifer calf from this year. Sired by TNT Top Gun. Seen here nursing on "Nor-West Lynn 57P". She also has great muscle expression and a compact frame. Another keeper.

Here is "Otter Creek Pansy" with this year's black angus heifer calf. She was bred angus to supply our beef market.

"Otter Creek Walter 13W"- Sire: ACS Wideload 717T - Dam: Otter Creek Nicole

Here is a future herd sire purchased from Otter Creek Farm this spring. He will be introducing well muscled compact frames in a polled, heterozygous black package. His phenotype will suit our current commercial beef demands.

"Nor-West Wanda 4W"- Sire: TH Red Omen 40P - Dam:Nor-West Lynn 57P

"Nor-West Zonja 12W"- Sire: TH Red Omen 40P - Dam: Nor-West Miss Ace 30N

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