Dr. Dan All of our beef is marketed under the name "Dr. Dan's Divine Bovine". When you purchase beef with our brand, you will be getting our quality locally grown beef and you will be supporting the local agricultural industry.

calf Our finished beef is processed at the local abattoir and government inspected to ensure quality and food safety. The meat is dry aged for 14-21 days, and after packaging, is frozen to seal in freshness. Freezing effectively stops the ageing process and prevents loss of flavour, texture and nutrition. Purchase our frozen beef and eat fresh! From our farm gate to your plate.

Currently, our beef is available at:
  • Peter's Country Fresh Meats & Deli, tel: (807) 768-0303
  • A.J.'s Trading Post, tel: (807) 473-8444
  • George's Market, tel: (807) 345-7021
  • Direct from our farm, tel: (807) 475-6929
Please click here for cut selection and information: http://www.canadianbeef.info/pdf/BIC_Poster.pdf

For more information about commercial beef utilization, check out: http://www.canadianbeef.info/flash/utilization_mapEN.swf

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