Welcome to Sunset Ridge Cattle Co.
Thank you for visiting our site! We appreciate your interest in our farm and product. Sunset Ridge Cattle Co. has been a family farm since 1938, and four generations of our family have raised cattle on the property. Our farm is located just outside of Thunder Bay in the scenic Slate River Valley, surrounded by the Nor'Wester mountain range.a calf The herd consists of purebred Simmental cows and commercial Simmental/Angus crossbred cows. Our goal is to market purebred genetics and to cross breed the commercial cows for our freezer trade. The crossbred calves have great carcass traits taking advantage of Simmental growth/size and Angus marbling/finishing.

The calves are born in late winter and early spring each year. They spend the summer out on pasture with their mothers until weaning in September/October. A hay and grain ration is fed throughout the winter until it is time to start the finishing process. In order to finish the animals by 14-20 months of age, the level of grain in the ration is increased to moderately fatten the yearling calves so that the beef is flavorful, juicy and tender. Our beef is marketed under the name "Dr. Dan's Divine Bovine".

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